Performing Natural Intelligence è un progetto di ricerca artistica tra Torino e Berlino, che esplora il tema “intelligenza naturale” in un contesto di crisi e sviluppo tecnologico.

Performing Natural Intelligence" is an artistic research project between Turin and Berlin that explores the theme of "natural intelligence" within a context of crisis and technological development.

Questo percorso, a cura di FTT in partnership con il Deutsches Theater | DT Jung* di Berlino (uno dei teatri più importanti della Germania) coinvolgerà artiste/i affermate/i a livello nazionale (dall’Italia e dalla Germania) e due gruppi di under 35, uno per ognuna delle due città che parteciperanno all’esperienza.

This project, curated by FTT in partnership with the Deutsches Theater | DT Jung* in Berlin (one of Germany's most prominent theaters), will engage nationally renowned artists from Italy and Germany, along with two groups of individuals under 35, one from each of the two cities involved in the project.

Due workshop internazionali di una settimana ciascuno, in cui artiste/i di provenienza italiana e tedesca, incontreranno giovani locali under 35 e lavoreranno a stretto contatto con loro. Un laboratorio itinerante dunque che avrà l’obiettivo di creare contributi artistici che aprano a un confronto internazionale nell’ambito delle arti performative.

Two one-week international workshops will bring together artists from Italy and Germany to collaborate closely with local youth under 35. This mobile laboratory aims to create artistic contributions that facilitate international dialogue within the performing arts


Il DT Jung* è la sezione giovanile del Deutsches Theater di Berlino. Si concentra sulla produzione di spettacoli per un pubblico giovane, spesso con una prospettiva innovativa e contemporanea. Il Junges DT offre programmi educativi e opportunità di coinvolgimento, contribuendo così a sviluppare l'interesse e l'entusiasmo per le arti performative tra le generazioni più giovani.

The DT Jung* is the youth division of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. It specializes in staging performances for a young audience, frequently adopting an innovative and contemporary approach. Moreover, the Junges DT offers educational programs and engagement opportunities, thereby fostering interest and enthusiasm for the performing arts among younger generations.


Ornella Balestra

Royal Academy of Dancing graduate, danced with Le Ballet du XXème Siècle. Renowned for collaborations with Raimund Hoghe, she's performed worldwide in "Tanzgeschicten", "Swan Lake 4acts", "Bolero Variations", and "Si Je Meurs Laissez le Balcon Ouvert". From "Quartett" in Dusseldorf to "La Valse" at Centre Pompidou, her artistry graces stages from Paris to New York, with a recent role in "An Evening with Raimund" touring Porto, Dusseldorf, Munster, and more.

Simone Schinocca

Artistic Director, Director, Actor, Trainer, Teacher, and founder of Tedacà, was born in 1977. Among his directorial works, "Fine pena ora" toured Italy, from Teatro Gobetti in Turin to Elfo Puccini Theatre in Milan and beyond. His artistic research focuses on contemporary issues, exploring themes like restorative justice. In 2023, he directed "Le Molte Vite di Rodolfo Valentino", as well as overseeing a supervision path with 75 Social Workers of Turin, resulting in a podcast to be released in 2024. Through the "Direfarebaciare Network" and artistic direction of various festivals and theaters, he promotes discussion and reflection on the cultural role in the contemporary context.

Girolamo Lucania

Director, Playwright, Artistic Director, and Screenwriter, born in 1978, graduated in Mechanical Engineering before pursuing a diploma in Directing from Civica Scuola Paolo Grassi in Milan. Co-founder of Fertili Terreni Teatro, he directs Cubo Teatro (Off Topic), with his works staged in over 70 theaters across Italy. His play "Sid – fin qui tutto bene" won the In-Box award in 2023, followed by the UBU award for best interpretation. "HyperGaia," a collaborative project with the Ministry of Culture, toured Savoy residences and theaters as an installation, showcasing high semiotic research in the performing arts field.

Paula Thielecke

Director and playwright born in Berlin Lichtenberg in 1990, gained acclaim for her play "Judith Shakespeare - Rape and Revenge," nominated for the Retzhofer Dramapreis 2021 and featured at the Heidelberger Stückemarkt 2022. The work, one of the winning texts of the Autor:innenTheaterTage 2022 at Deutsches Theater Berlin, has been translated into three languages. Her productions have graced stages at Schauspielhaus Graz, tjg.dresden, Theater Baden-Baden, Neues Theater Basel, and more, exploring themes of violence, survival, and desire. In the 2023/24 season, her ensemble piece "Mein Herz dein Bunker -290 bpm" will be at Deutsches Theater Berlin, uniting talents from theater, dance, and acrobatics.

Johann Otten

Born in Celle/Lower Saxony, pursued studies in political science and geography before completing degrees in art history and business administration in Freiburg im Breisgau and Berlin. He has engaged in documentary photography projects and exhibitions, working with artists like Julius von Bismarck and Julian Charrière in Berlin. Transitioning to dramaturgy, he was a permanent assistant director at the Deutsches Theater, collaborating with René Pollesch and Sebastian Hartmann. Currently pursuing a master's in dramaturgy at Zurich University of the Arts, his focus lies at the intersection of arts, theater, and ecology. As part of the interdisciplinary collective Klasse Klima, he explores how the arts can contribute to a climate-friendly transformation.

Maximilian Grünewald

artist/actor, researcher, and transdisciplinary initiator focused on storytelling for complex human and non-human interactions. He combines his acting and theater studies with research in philosophy and science, addressing epistemological issues and the climate crisis in theater. He has worked at various theaters (Badische Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Staatstheater Hannover) and now coordinates workshops and projects at universities (ETH Zürich, ZHdK, Humboldt University, and others). In 2023, he coordinated the "River Stories" festival and authored "Jenseits der Wälder" in 2024. He collaborates with filmmaker Oliver Rossol on art-science films.


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Performing Natural Intelligence è un progetto internazionale nell’ambito del Boarding Pass Plus 2023
promosso dal Ministero della Cultura.

Performing Natural Intelligence is an international project under the Boarding Pass Plus 2023
initiative by Ministero della Cultura